272nd District Court


The jurisdiction of a District Court is determined by the Texas Constitution and statute. Generally speaking, the jurisdiction of a District Court includes felony criminal cases, civil cases with higher amounts of controversy, and family law matters.

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Historical Information

The 272nd District Court was created in 1979 and J. Bradley Smith was appointed as its first judge. Smith served one term and did not seek re-election. John M. Delaney was then elected as the second judge of the Court and served from 1984 through 2000. Richard W. B. Davis was then elected and presided until March 17, 2008, when Judge Travis B. Bryan, III, was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry. Judge Bryan served for 12 years and then retired. Judge John Brick won election following Judge Bryan’s retirement in 2020 and currently sits on the 272nd bench.

Additional Information

The 272nd District Court handles civil, criminal (felony and related misdemeanors), family law, and juvenile cases.

It is the goal of the 272nd District Court to provide a just, fair, equitable, and impartial adjudication of all matters brought before this court, and to treat all individuals with integrity, honesty, equality, and respect.