Bid / RFP / RFQ / IQ Information


All solicitations are available at the Brazos Valley Online Bidding website.


Bids are solicitations for items or services for the County. Vendors can view all bid information online and follow the directions on the bid documents including submission of the bid.

Prior to the bid opening, all bids remain sealed. At the bid opening each bid will be opened and read aloud. No negotiations are allowed with this process. The best value bid is awarded a contract.

Request For Proposal (RFP)

An RFP is similar to the bid process with the following exceptions:

  • Negotiations are allowed after the proposals are opened.
  • No contents of the proposals will be read aloud at the opening, only the names of the respondents.

Request for Qualification (RFQ)

The method is available only for the procurement of professionals mentioned in the Texas Government Code, Chapter 2254. Qualifications are requested from professionals in the required field. The county will evaluate these statements of qualifications and enter negotiations with the highest evaluated vendor.

If the county is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the most highly qualified vendor, negotiations will formally end with that vendor. The next most highly qualified vendor will then be asked to negotiate. This sequence will continue until a contract is finalized.

Informal Quote (IQ)

Informal quotes are solicited for items or services below the statutory limit, but utilizing the same structure as bids and RFP's, without the newspaper advertisement.