Construction Projects - Use Caution around our Crews!

Old Reliance Rd is closed for bridge repair at Mathis Creek.

Old Reliance Rd will be under construction from City Limits to Messina Hoff with various lane closures.

Wallis Rd will be under construction from Old Reliance Rd to City Limits with various lane closures

Blue Ridge Rd is CLOSED for construction.

Jones Rd - Will have lane closures for construction investigations *Expect delays.

Wingfall St is undergoing total reconstruction

Old Jones Rd - Road is under construction from Tyree to Stewarts Meadow.

White Switch Rd - clearing and construction

Brazos County Seal Coat

Annual seal coat will begin on May 15. Contractor crews will be working in roadways county wide. The seal coat work is expected to take 3 weeks.

Brazos County ROW Mowing

The mowing contractors are currently working throughout the county, Please use caution around the crews.

Boom Mowing

Through out Brazos County Boom Mowing will be ongoing. The purpose of boom mowing in the Brazos County right-of-ways is to remove overhanging brush that may block sight lines and create a safety hazard.  Please be aware of our crews and drive safely. 

Access forms and documents for your project here.