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Phone #: (979) 361-4923
Location: 1700 Highway 21 West, Bryan, Texas 77803

Estray Livestock

The following animals are currently impounded.

If you believe one of these to be your livestock, please contact the Brazos County Animal Control division of the Sheriff's Office.

Brazos County Animal Control
(979) 361-4923

Date of Notice


Kind of Animal

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9/13/2021Notice of Estray / Impoundment of EstraySheepIMG_0867IMG_0862IMG_0864
7/7/2021Notice of Estray / Impoundment of Estray / Public AffidavitSwine - Pot BelliedSO210006717 Estray (1)SO210006717 Estray (2)SO210006717 Estray (3)
4/27/2021Notice of Estray / Impoundment of Estray GoatIMG_0179IMG_0177IMG_0176

Brazos County Stray Animal Ordinance

An ordinance of the commissioners court of Brazos County, Texas, to establish a rabies control program, restraint of certain animals, designate a local animal control authority, regulate dangerous dogs, declare a public nuisance and provide penalties pursuant to chapters 822 and 826 of the Texas Health & Safety code.

Read the full ordinance here: Brazos County Stray Animal Ordinance [PDF]

Estray Act (Stray Livestock)

The Texas Agriculture Code, Section 142 (from TexasOnline), provides for a method of disposing estray livestock. The Office of Sheriff has the authority to capture and impound all stray livestock, prepare a notice of estray, file the notice with the county clerk, advertise the impoundment on the county's Internet website for at least 15 days after the date of impoundment, and post notice on the public notice board of the courthouse.

If the owner of the estray is not determined or claimed before the 18th day, the sheriff shall cause the estray to be sold at a public sale or auction and a report of the sale is filed with the county clerk.