What is Deferred Prosecution?
A second chance. Some of the youngest, least serious offenders get a second chance to prove to the court that no further action is needed to prevent future illegal activity. Those who succeed in this six-month Deferred Prosecution program avoid the adjudication process and continued involvement with authorities.
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1. Can my child do extra community service to help with fees?
2. If I have a complaint, who can I talk to?
3. What form of payment will the Juvenile Department accept for payment of fees?
4. What happens if I fail to follow the rules listed in the Deferred Prosecution Contract?
5. What is Deferred Prosecution?
6. What is the age group that you deal with?
7. What is the difference between Deferred Prosecution and Court Probation?
8. What is the longest amount of time that you are able to hold a child in the Detention Center on a runaway charge?