What do I do at the Trial?
Our office will usually schedule a conference with witnesses prior to their court appearance to discuss the trial procedure. When you are called to testify, you will he questioned by the prosecutor and then "cross-examined" by the defense attorney. During cross-examination, you may feel that your motives for testifying are under attack, but the process is not meant to demean you. The defense attorney is charged by law with representing his client to the best of his ability and this can involve close scrutiny of your testimony. When preparing to appear in court, please remember;
• The truth of your testimony, the manner in which you give it and your appearance on the stand will all be considered by the jury or judge deciding the case.
• Your manner of dress may have an impact on jurors who hear your testimony. Therefore, dress neatly and conservatively when appearing in court.
• You should not feel intimidated by the defense attorney's cross-examination, but remember that your only obligation is to tell the truth,

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