What does CSCD Actually Do?
We provide support services to the courts by attending court proceedings and preparing paperwork for offenders placed under supervision, as well as preparing pre-sentence reports, or social histories, on most felony offenders who go through the court system, and most legal documents for the modification and revocation of probationers. We testify in court, assist victims with questions and in collecting restitution, and assist the community by collecting fines, court costs, appointed attorney's fees, Crime Stoppers' fees, and similar assessments. The problem areas that led to an offender's criminal behavior are assessed by our officers, and a plan is put into place to address those problem areas, while holding the offender accountable for behavior, in an effort to turn offenders into pro-social citizens. Finally, we quickly report to the courts when offenders are not complying with their conditions so that the judges can take appropriate action to remove these offenders from the community. Substance abuse counseling services, domestic violence counseling, psychological assessments, and employment services are provided on-site, while psychological and psychiatric services are made available through local service providers. We regularly drug test offenders, offer electronic monitoring, a physician-supervised medical regimen for reducing alcohol consumption, and conduct regular field visits to monitor offenders in the community. We also rely heavily on local agencies, such as the Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Twin City Mission, Project Unity, Brazos Food Bank, Texas A&M University, and the school districts for basic needs and services for our offenders.

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1. What does CSCD Actually Do?
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