Juvenile Services Department


I proudly welcome you to the Brazos County Juvenile Department's web page. Our agency is charged with the enormous responsibility of rehabilitating youthful offenders. To accomplish this task, we have learned, it takes all stakeholders of the Juvenile Justice System working in unison towards a common goal.

Our three primary customers are the juvenile and his or her family, the victim,and the community at large.

Our professional staff accomplishes an outstanding job of making decisions that balance the interests of all three of these entities. We greatly appreciate the strong partnerships we have in Brazos County from law enforcement agencies, school districts, faith-based organizations, citizen volunteers, and multiple community providers.

Services & Programs

Brazos County Juvenile Services offers a variety of services and programs designed to accomplish our mission of "providing a continuity of effective care and intervention from diversion through discharge".

Our services include:

  • Counseling and Psychological Intervention
  • Diversion / At-Risk Services
  • Medical and Mental Health Care
  • Operation of a Juvenile Detention Center
  • Operation of an Alternative School for Juveniles
  • Probation and Parole Supervision

Plan for On Campus Activities and Instruction

Our agency is blessed with having some of the finest and most dedicated staff members anywhere in the State. Due in large part to their dedication, strong work-ethic, and high ethical standards, our agency is able to provide outstanding services and programs for the citizens of Brazos County.

-Linda Ricketson - Executive Director