Victim Resources

Contact Information

EntityPhone Number
Attorney General of Texas Crime Victim Compensation(800) 983-9933
Brazos County Juvenile Victim Services(979) 823-3544
Brazos County Legal Aide(979) 775-5274
Brazos County Sheriff's Office(979) 361-4900
Brazos Valley Counseling Services(979) 774-2863
Bryan Police Department(979) 209-5300
College Station Police Department(979) 764-3600
MADD(979) 823-7008
Scotty's House(979) 703-0608
Sexual Assault Resource Center(979) 731-1000
TAMU Counseling Services(979) 845-4427
Texas A&M University Police Department(979) 845-2345
Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Services(800) 848-4284
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services(979) 823-0921
Texas VINE(877) 894-8463
Twin City Mission(979) 775-5355
Brazos County CSCD Victim Services(979) 361-4524
Voices for Children(979) 822-9700