Resurfacing Program


Brazos County is responsible for maintaining approximately 455.21 miles of county roads. Many of these roads have been patched or repaired as needed, but not resealed in several years. Cracks in the roadway allow water to deteriorate the road materials that hold it together and affect its load bearing capacity.

In order to ensure that our county roads are sealed and protected from deterioration from nature's elements, Brazos County has a roadway preventative maintenance program.

Repair Process

The first step is to repair cracks and potholes on the roads. The next step in preventative maintenance is to reseal the roads. A process called seal coating will be used, in which sealant will be sprayed on the roads followed by gravel being applied.

Benefits of Road Repair

The benefits of seal coating a surface are many including improving traction, protecting the asphalt from aging, and preventing deterioration from water causing pot holes and more costly repairs.

When applied properly and at the right time, seal coating can increase the life of asphalt by years. The seal coating is usually conducted during the summer months, while preparation occurs in late winter or spring.

If you have questions about this preventative maintenance program, please contact Brazos County Road and Bridge Department at (979) 822-2127.

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) has some very helpful Transportation FAQs that provide an accurate and informative perspective of roadway facts and challenges.