Phone Numbers


The District Clerk's Office has a large number of workers and they each have their own type of duties. Listed below are various types of court cases and services. If you have an inquiry about any of those specific types of cases, please call the corresponding phone number, otherwise call the number for general inquiries.

The Brazos County District Clerk is Gabriel Garcia, Phone: (979) 361-4230.

EntityPhone Number
General Inquiries(979) 361-4230
Appeals(979) 361-4237
Attorney General(979) 361-4244
Child Support(979) 361-4244
Civil Cases (All Courts)(979) 361-4242
Collections(979) 361-4299
Copies and Searches Request(979) 361-4213
Felony Cases (District)(979) 361-4218
Financial Coordinator; Trust Funds; Cash Bonds
(979) 361-4533
Grand Jury Coordinator(979) 361-4214
Jury Coordinators (Justice of the Peace, County and District Courts)(979) 361-4224 or (979) 361-4225
Misdemeanor Cases(979) 361-4234 or (979) 361-4218
Fax Number(979) 361-0197