Pre-trial Intervention & Diversion

Pre-Trial Intervention & Diversion Community Supervision

Pre-trial diversion is used sparingly in this County.  It is a program through which an offender is given a chance to avoid prosecution for an offense through successful completion of a period during which there are no new arrests, and all requirements of the term are completed. Requirements may include attending counseling, making restitution, and performing community service hours. Pre-trial diversion agreements are negotiated between the prosecutor and the offender or the offender's attorney, and a written agreement will be reached at that level. 

Pre-trial intervention, on the other hand, is a more regular occurrence in the department. Pre-trial intervention, release, or bond supervision programs are designed to provide a wide range of services to released defendants to ensure subsequent court appearances. Generally, a felony or misdemeanor offender is placed in a pre-trial release program through a court order that serves to release the offender from jail on his or her own recognizance or a reduced bond. Conditions of bond are like those of offenders under regular or deferred adjudication community supervision.

Failure to comply with the conditions of pre-trial release may result in the offender being returned to jail to await trial or having more stringent conditions imposed.