472nd District Court


The jurisdiction of a District Court is determined by the Texas Constitution and statute. Generally speaking, the jurisdiction of a District Court includes felony criminal cases, civil cases with higher amounts of controversy, and family law matters.

Additional Information

The 472nd District Court handles civil, family law, and juvenile cases.

It is the goal of the 472nd District Court to provide a just, fair, equitable, and impartial adjudication of all matters brought before this court, and to treat all individuals with integrity, honesty, equality, and respect.

Historical Information

The 472nd District Court was created in 2023 to have “primary responsibility for cases involving civil matters, family law matters, and juvenile matters.” (88(R) HB 2418) The bill was authored by Representative John Raney (TX-14) and co-authored by Representative Kyle Kacal (TX-12).

On September 1, 2023, Governor Greg Abbott appointed George Jerrell Wise as its first judge.

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